I’ve been asked more than once about keeping track of tasks in Craft. How do I do it? What is my setup, so today we’ll talk about it.

In a word, Craft is not a task manager. I don’t manage tasks in Craft and you shouldn’t either.

To take a longer look at this, everyone is always looking for an all in one software tool. I get it, one tool you can learn well that takes care of your research and your tasks and does your dishes seems like an ideal thing. You only have one tool to learn. One software license to pay. One place to go to put everything.

This is a terrible idea though.

You never hear a framer looking for the perfect tool that measures, hammers, and acts as a screwdriver and a saw. When you think of this mythical tool, you also realize the absurdity of the request. No tool will be able to do all of those things well. Heck even finding a tool that is an excellent hammer and excellent screwdriver is a pipe dream.

Even those screwdrivers that let you change bits all the time are only passable as a decent screwdriver. Sure they work, but a screwdriver dedicated to each type of screw is a much better specific tool.

I Do Use Tasks in Craft Though

This doesn’t mean I don’t use the task checkbox in Craft though.

When I’m planning a SkillShare Course I use the task boxes to keep track of the resources I want to include. When I finish a resource I check it off and then move onto the next one.

If using Craft as a task manager works for you….I guess keep it up but really there are far better task managers out there. Keep Craft as your research tool and use a dedicated task manager for all the stuff you have to do.

Productivity is more than tools

A good process will work no matter what tool you choose to use. It will work on paper or in a digital task manager. If you’re looking to build a productivity practice that will help you get more done without being overloaded, this is the course you want. Become a member to get all my courses.

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