From Jeff Perry

When I was comparing the pricing on a new M1 Macbook Air with a 12.9″ iPad Pro and the Magic Keyboard I would need to make it work for me it was clear just how bloated the cost of an iPad Pro is compared to the MacBook line.

I entirely agree. I purchased a 1TB M1 Air with 8 GPU cores for less than I’d purchase a 1TB 12.9″ iPad Pro currently. Due to software limitations there are things I just can’t do on my iPad that has me using my M1 Air more than I have used macOS in years.

The speed and price of the new iPad Pro wants you to think it’s a full blown computer, but it seems to still only slice off a narrow margin of work. Yes more people fit in this margin than outside of it.

I don’t have a new iPad Pro on order, my 2018 is doing fine. I am saving though and will likely have one before the summer is out. Software announcements at WWDC in a few weeks could accelerate my saving process.