From The Dent:

Every time a new iPad comes out the first thing everyone says about it is ‘Just wait for the next OS update, the software will catch up with the hardware’. This year is no exception. It’s basically been said in every review or video I’ve seen of the product. The MacBook Air isn’t living on a promise. It’s an amazing product now, and likely to get even better very soon. It’s fully baked. It’s a mature, yet still improving, product and OS.

While I agree in many ways, I’m not sure I’d go as far as saying that iPadOS is half-baked. Part of the issue is that the iPad forces you to change how you do things instead of “real work” being the way you’ve always done things.

There are limitations that are annoying. Files is a barely passable app. Monitor support is terrible. Inspect browser is the best we have for web developer tools, and it’s okay but any desktop browser far outstrips it’s capabilities.

For me, I’m using macOS more lately due to my work but I still prefer to use my iPad. My M1 Air barely leaves my desk.