From Jeff Perry

If I upload something on my iPad it has to be open and turned on the entire time. If the screen falls asleep or I switch apps on the iPad I get to reupload that file all over again. Essentially, I feel like a babysitter for my computer at times, which isn’t what I want.

While I also feel this frustration…maybe we need to change how we work a bit. Yesterday when I was rendering and uploading videos, I stepped out of the office and folded laundry. Then came back to edit the 2nd video and while it rendered I unpacked that laundry and put on another load.

Yes it can be frustrating to “wait” for something to finish. But it’s also a break you can take from your work. Why do you always have to be doing something “productive”.

Wait…you have so much to do you can’t take a break. Say no to stuff and do a few things well.