Today we’ll look at a best selling piece of fiction called American Dirt by Jeannie Cummins. Cummins writes about Mexico, specifically Acapulco and follows opens with a bang as most of a family is wiped out by a local gang lord. Two people escape, Lydia and Luca and we join them hiding in the shower while the killers search for them.

This family is who we’re going to follow as they strive to live and escape Mexico so they can find their very own piece of American Dirt.

There are a few twists as we find that Lydia has a personal relationship focused on books. She’s a bookstore owner and one of her favourite customers is the gang lord.

We follow this mother and son as they ride the train and contend with all the villains that want to take a bit of profit from the migrants that are trying to find a better life.

Should You Read American Dirt?

If you’re in the mood for some intelligent fiction, this is a good book. It brings to light some of the issues with immigration and the dangers that immigrants deal with. The thought is that people are willing to risk rape, death, grievous injury, and many other things to get something just a bit better. It made me think hard about how poorly immigrants are treated, and yet that treatment and “bad” work is better than what they are coming from.

This won’t stay in my library long term unless my wife wants it. I’ll save it for her to read then I’ll return it for another book at the used bookstore near me.

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