In today’s video we’re going to answer a question from a member of the Discord channel. Anthony Baker asked.

I know you use date/timestamps in note titles, but to always. Curious about where you’re choosing to apply these and where you are not.

To Date or Not to Date

If you haven’t seen my previous video about when I use #tags or [[links]], you should watch that after because it does matter as we look at this discussion.

As a short summary, I use #tags for categorization and status. If a note is about a specific application then it will be tagged with #app. If it’s what I call a tag note then it gets #tagnote added to it. I apply a special colour to these notes in my graph view so they’re easy to identify. This is where it’s important to watch that other video.

My other broad category is Notes and they are summaries of the learning I’m doing as I research.

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Getting Started with Obsidian

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Now, if something is #tagnote it doesn’t get a date stamp because it’s more of a collection point for ideas related to a topic. I will have many different notes that link to these tagnotes but Notes may interlink, but they’re not collection points.

Understanding that, I add dates to my Notes and don’t add dates to my #tagnotes. #tagnotes should only have one instance, though they may have many aliases while it’s entirely possible that a Note may exist and in the course of my researh I’ll find another note that really needs the same name, and then the date/timestamp is the difference between the two notes that are best named the same thing.