Daniel Herriges at Strong Towns

Many of us have a notion that because parking in the public right-of-way is so ordinarily offered to the public for free, that “free” is its natural and correct price.

In the case above Herriges is talking about people that charge for parking during the state fair. Parking has a value even if the city doesn’t charge for it.

I’ve been struggling with the notion of providing free car storage on streets lately. If we took it away richer people will notice very little. They are more likely to be able to afford space at their primary residence and store cars there. Lower income people with less space are more likely to bear a larger portion of the cost because they’re more likely to live in multi-unit housing with less options.

Maybe it’s a threshold, if you’re household income is udner $50k then you get a window sticker and park without cost. Over $50k you pay for parking on streets everywhere or you pay a flat fee for the year in your city to park?