Greg talked about how supporters are far more valuable to creators than followers. The gist is that followers just read your stuff, supporters actually pay for it in some way. His thoughts remind me a lot of the 1000 true fans someone needs to create a viable thing.

I diverge from Greg though in going with the “tip” model. I think that the problem here is you have to keep asking all the time to earn anything. You have to keep asking for tips. Going with some recurring membership/tip thing means that you continue to build the base instead of relying on a bit of charity every month.

I went with the membership option. It was on Patreon and now it’s on my own site. For that people support me and get all the courses I do for free.

Clearly the hope is that this builds into something big enough to offset hosting (it actually already has) and this gives me full control over the experience now that I’m back on WordPress.

Yes I tipped Greg, but he’s going to have to remind me lots to keep doing it.