Today we’re going to look at the Incremental Writing plugin for Obsidian. At first, I had no idea why it was named as it was because it’s more a spaced repetition plugin than a writing one. Evidently, Incremental Writing is the act of cycling through your notes and doing a bit of work on them until they’re ready for publishing.

I’m not sure I’ll do that for my writing, but I do think this plugin has a great place in analyzing your vault continually so that you can continue to develop connections and ideas.

I think that the biggest issue with this plugin is actually with your process. I intend to review my notes with the Random Note plugin and a custom workspace for some time every Friday. In practice I get it done about once a month. The rest of the time life with 3 kids and moving, and some other thing gets in the way and I don’t actually get to my review.

Anyway, watch the video to get an idea of how the plugin works. One big note is that this plugin doesn’t work on mobile though.

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