February was all about fiction this year. I read all three books in the Silo series by Hugh Howey. No spoilers, but it’s listed as “horror” and I think it’s more a thriller. Think of a plan to get people to live underground and just destroy the world now before it happens at the hands of someone else.

This is at least my third reading of the series, if not my fourth. I own it on Kindle and it’s also in my library in softcover.

The final book I ‘read’ was Netherwings by Django Wexler. It had a dragon on the front so I figured my kids would want it and it was free with our Audible subscription. Then we listened to it in the car waiting to pick up some other family member and I found the book interesting. Thus I finished it on my own over a day or two while shoveling the driveway.

Looking into March, I’ve already finished a few non-fiction books I’ll be sharing.

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