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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

If you want to design your PKM system from scratch, read this.

Use this YouTube Playlist to get replay’s of Tiago Forte’s second brain summit.

Jamie talked about the security of his note system. I’ve long thought that the only truly secure place to store anything is your brain. If you never write it down no one else can find it.

Does the numbering scheme in Antinet matter?

On “reading” of books and it doesn’t matter if that means you listened to an audiobook.

RJ Nestor is launching his AP Productivity course with Cohort 4.

Why does every writer need a common place book?

Elizabeth Butler wrote a good article on the difference between highlighting and note-taking.

Danny sings the praises of the Zotero 6 update.

Analog Zettelkasten on wheels?

This is an ode to Readwise and how it solves issues with capture and storage of your highlights.

Another post and suggestions on highlighting HTML.

Tags can be annoying to manage. This is one reason I use Tagnotes instead of standard tags.

Something Interesting

Because we’re all lookin to expand our minds a bit.

This was an interesting article on Substack’s philosophy. Specifically the two evils Substack wants to combat, but must flirt with as a company in the media space.

I think that salary should be transparent. No more hiding to be able to pay women less.

Josh did a great review of Range. I have also taken a look at the book and I keep coming back to it.


Mac Power Users forum on Zotero 6. Looks like some features are desktop only so iOS users are out of luck.


Some questions about import/paste from Word to RemNote.

At least one user is having issues with import.

There is also a report of tagging breaking the layout of RemNote


To me it looks like logseq does a better job than Obsidian at citation notation in notes.

Readwise logseq plugin has begun development.


If you have recommendations for learning typescript or react then maybe drop them in the Craft forum to help other devs build extensions.

Craftcuts 0.3 has been released. Looking forward to actually being able to dig into this eXtension.

Still no ETA on eXtensions for iOS devices.

Reddit thread on Craft vs Notion.

Good conversation about your data threat model and the security of Craft.

Craft 2.1.5 brought us custom templates.


Here is an extensive look at Martine’s Obsidian setup.

The Dangling links plugin can help you find links to typos.

The Obsidian Orthography plugin does some Grammarly like spell checking.

Can you help with this issue in Dataview?


There is a call for some video demonstrations of the Roam mobile application once people have their hands on it.

Should you use Roam for spaced repetition or go with Anki?

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