While I don’t love any note system as a full-time task management tool, I do keep track of things to do on a specific day in a daily note. Today we’re going to look at a Craft eXtension that makes the process of moving tasks around between notes much easier.

The Craft Todo Filter plugin cuts all the tasks on a page, but its real utility comes when you check the box to only cut the tasks that are not done in a note.

The one thing I’d like to see this plugin do is to have the option to copy the tasks instead of cutting them. Along with this, we’d need to see some sort of notation that a task was moved, similar to how Bullet Journal does it with a > sign beside tasks you’ve moved forward. Even better would be a listing of the number of times a task has been moved because if you’ve moved it a bunch of times it’s unlikely it’s a priority and you should just stop worrying about the task.

If you use Craft and add tasks to daily notes, this is going to help streamline your workflow as you move tasks around in your notes.

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