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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

Eric asks if you’re taking notes for the wrong reasons.

This is a great article talking about many aspects of PKM systems and their impact on your life.

Maybe don’t try to hack reading.

This whole issue of Creativerly was full of good stuff, but I particularly liked the discussion on not finding one tool that can do everything.

Darin shows us the 4 steps they use to summarize a book. The best part for me is filtering the highlights down even more.

Jeremy walks us through how he does research.

Samuel talks about learning to write a novel. I’ve just finished How to Write a Lot and think that the tips in that book are excellent and line up with Samuel’s thoughts.

Neil on where people may be going wrong with Zettelkasten. Don’t fall for though leaders saying it’s the best after 1 week because it probably takes years to build up the connections and find serendipity. So maybe we’re using Zettelkasten wrong currently.

Jeffery went over how he’s doing literature notes.

Josh did a great video on how he uses the Feynman Technique to learn programming languages.

How Siddhant uses Notion and Obsidian for studying computer science.

Nick Milo is looking for “very interesting” people to talk about how they’re using link-based thinking.

Podcast recommendations on TfT.

Are you taking notes but never going back to them? Here is a discussion about what you could do to solve that problem.

Microsoft has a pen-first note app called Journal that’s now become a fully supported app.

Something Interesting

Because we’re all lookin to expand our minds a bit.

Pyramids in Antarctica? Yup and maybe it was a jungle.

The Only Car-Free Neighbourhood in Canada. I’d love fewer cars and more infrastructure for people to use.


For you terminal people, here is a Zettelkasten app based in the terminal.

Quick tip on how to split PDF documents in DEVONthink.


Some decent recommendations for making good use of the graph.

Can you do vim keybindings in remNote?

cflick23 is concerned about lag in RemNote if you get lots of files. The comments address this concern.


logseq is now available on the iOS AppStore.

logseq office hours episode 2 is here on YouTube.

The Community Hub is now live if you’re looking for resources created by other logseq users.

How to create link aliases.


Missed this last week, but the Craft Web App has access to eXtensions now. When are we going to get that on mobile devices?

I did a video on migrating tasks in Craft with a newer eXtension.

The macOS version was updated to 2.1.8 to address MS Word export and resolve a few other bugs.

You can get Matter integration via Readwise by following this post.


If you use Google Tasks, you can now sync them with Obsidian.

Jamie walks us through how he manages his blog writing in Obsidian.

A Reddit user is looking for a day tracking plugin. Do you know of a plugin that fits this model?

Here is an alternative to Obsidian Publish.


You can see more on-screen with this Roam extension.

How can we get other reference managers to collaborate with Roam?

Some macOS users have had issues connecting to Roam.

So the Roam Mobile app is frustrating some users.

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