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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

Great short article on getting the most out of what you read.

While I love digital notes, there is something about notebooks that digital systems can’t compare to.

I just found Vicky on YouTube, who has a bunch of Zettelkasten and Obsidian videos.

Jamie found some old daily notes unexpectedly this week and wrote about it.

Jon talks about the drawbacks of elaborate note systems. He faults these systems for focusing on notes, not actually producing anything. To read the whole post you’ll need a MacStories Club subscription.

How to take book notes and turn them into AntiNet notes.

Santi streamed a Q&A session covering productivity and note-taking apps for writers.

Touring a Digital Scrapbook.

Ev Chapman uses a breadcrumb tag to identify the next steps in notes.

While this is an older post, I finally got around to reading it. If you’ve wondered what PARA is, this is the post to read.

Interesting way to mark up the fore-edge of the books you read.

Here is an update to GTD methods because Nicole doesn’t find vanilla GTD that useful 21 years after it was invented. She uses Obsidian as her GTD tool.

AI powered Zettelkasten?

The quote below stuck out to me from the article titled Personal Knowledge Management is Bullshit. I do think that far too many people think some system will be their saviour, but if you aren’t sitting down and writing now or producing that thing you want now…you won’t be doing it once you’re using some new system.

The concept of the Knowledge Graph deserves the classification of bullshit because its allure derives primarily from the false impression that it can mechanistically deliver—or substitute for—the brute, linear willfulness that defines all non-trivial writing.

Do you also rely on note dead ends simply becoming irrelevant?

More discussion on the issues with digital Zettelkasten systems.

Here is a mathematical-based Zettelkasten workflow.

Something Interesting

Because we’re all lookin to expand our minds a bit.

Anyone can be trained to be creative.

Excellent essay on letting go.

I’ve been trying to do more with my research so here is a video on why I’m a terrible parent and proud of it.


Hook 3.5 came out with some updates to bookmark features.

If you’re using NotePlan via SetApp and getting logged out on your mobile devices, see this solution.


Forum users are getting frustrated with the RemNote developers being so closed about when the iOS app is coming. Reddit is also asking what’s up.

Big task queries are getting slow.

Do you have a solution for the Readwise integration giving duplicate entries?

No tagging in RemNote mobile version…ouch.


Here is a quote management system in logseq with queries and smartblocks.

Here is a tip if you’ve been struggling to find commands.

Need to get your bullets displayed again on iOS, here is a forum post with the solution?

Repeated data loss means you can’t trust an application.


If you lost spellcheck in the web version of Craft, a fix is coming.

FlohGro has a quick tip to speed up copying the markdown deep link for a Craft document.

Nice workflow improvement if you use voice dictation with Craft.

How to aggregate to-do checklists in Craft.

Craft and Stream Deck setup anyone?

Here is a utility to migrate whole Notion Workspaces to Craft.


MindStone is an open-source alternative to Obsidian Publish.

Book Search looks like an interesting plugin to add to my book notes system.

Here is a list of Obsidian plugins used for writing books.

Are large amounts of symbolic characters crashing Obsidian?

Recipe templates for Obsidian?


Aidan talks about progressive summarization in Roam.

Does Roam play nice with reference management applications?

You can remove daily notes from your graph if you want.

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