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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

Jeffery shares how to take better literature notes. I particularly like his view on constraints.

Some issues Scott has with Ahrens interpretation of how Luhman did things.

For those newer to PKM here is a tour of what an external brain is and a look at Obsidian as a tool.

One note for one idea, instead of the linear note style we all learned.

Some talk about how people periodically review their notes.

Tiago Forte talks about how to choose a note-taking application.

Is note-taking a bullshit industrial complex?

Some thoughts on why digital daily notes don’t work for everyone.

Matt Gemmell shares some tips for organizing your fiction writing, specifically around keeping continuity.

Kharma Medic on digital vs handwritten notes and how it relates to other learning techniques.

Evergreen notes should be concept-oriented by Andy Matuschak.

Don’t fear writing your own guesses and unhinged thoughts in your Zettelkasten. It’s for experimenting with your thought and you don’t need citations for your own thoughts.

Scott released the table of contents for his Antinet book.

Nice discussion on paper as a valid storage format today.

Something Interesting

Because we’re all lookin to expand our minds a bit.

Matt wrote an excellent, and heartbreaking, essay about his experience with gaslighting.

This article in The Atlantic talks about why society is getting stupider and more polarized. It’s making me question any participation in social media at all.


Napkin attempts to do notecards visually for your system.


Version 0.6.7 came out with a bunch of fixes including:

  • Docker arm64 build
  • fixing logbook clock-summary
  • fixing an editor freeze issue
  • fixing paste command sending the wrong text

You can contribute good logseq resources to the community hub with this form.

Don’t forget about the logseq weekly newsletter.

If you’re on Linux and need some information about the myriad ways you can install logseq, check this thread out.

Logseq secured $4.1 million in funding which seems crazy to me. Good for them.

Logseq launched their official blog this week.

There is a sneak peek at what the Readwise -> Logseq plugin looks like.

Productivity Tools has some tips on plugins with Obsidian and Logseq.


And we have an update on the Craft eXtensions API. In short, they’re working on it and have more “big” changes based on developer feedback than they thought they’d have. Don’t expect any major updates to Craft X in the coming months as they make these changes.

I took a look at CraftCuts to integrate Craft and Shortcuts. At the end of my video, I talked about the lack of communication from the Craft team about eXtensions. They responded to me in Slack.

While you can’t currently track traffic to your Craft Pages it is something the team sees they could add in the future. Also, JellyCraft does allow external analytics.

There is a new eXtension that generates a table of contents for your Craft document.


TfTHacker shared some hacks to create columns in Obsidian.

Pandoc Reference will now show you if there is no citation for a reference.

If you use Raycast, the Obsidian extension has a new version. I like that you can see a note preview when searching from Raycast.

Some very detailed answers on Reddit to the question of how to study effectively in Obsidian.


While the mobile app release got people excited about Roam again, that excitement is waining in the community.

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