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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

Jeffery walks us through developing his thinking with his PKM system. He focuses on one note and builds out his thoughts around it.

Here is a workflow to review days without needing an “inbox” note, or reminders.

I love my iPad and the announcement of Stage Manager in iPadOS 16 has me very excited about the 2nd screen support and what it can mean for my note workflow. Here are a few videos and posts walking through the beta. I can see my notes open on one screen with 2 or more sources on an external display. It also has me wishing for a larger “desktop” iPad.

How to take effective notes on books.

Organizing your notes with Jonny.Decimal and PARA.

Does the note-taking method (analogue/digital) correspond to creative output or marks in school? Help find out by filling out this survey so the data can be included in a thesis.

Keep Productive did an interview with Tiago Forte about the apps he uses and his workflow. They reference a book called Building a Second Brain, which I got in the mail this week. Get a copy for yourself.

Maybe don’t take as many notes as you are. I did a video about this same idea recently, stop taking notes.

RJ Nestor is writing a book in Obsidian, despite being a Roam user mostly. Check in the thread for a link to read it as it’s developed.

Some tips for your first antinet Zettelkasten.

Should you glue an image into your antinet note? The discussion covers the same principles that would apply to a digital system.

Tips for combining PKM and Project Management.

Can we get smarter by reviewing old journal entries?

Something Interesting

Because we’re all looking to expand our minds a bit.

I’ve been intrigued by the Light Phone for myself more than once. Maybe I need to just buckle down and swap my SIM into it.

The voice of Richard Feynman talking about beauty.


Elizabeth Butler did an interview with Bear Notes about her workflow and why she chooses Bear. She also wrote the Calmer Notes course.

Shu takes a quick look at Napkin for your notes. Not sure how comfortable I feel with all my ideas in someone else’s AI though.

If you use DEVONthink To Go then here are some tips around keyboard shortcuts.

iAWriter 6 added support for wikilinks. MacStories took a deeper look at the release.

Shu Omi gave us a tour of visual note-taking with Scrintal. I’ve got an account as well and I think it has some intriguing uses.

Some suggestions for Microsoft OneNote alternatives if you want handwritten notes on Windows.


Here is some custom CSS to make code blocks look nicer.

Version 0.7.4 of logseq came out with some improvements for Excalidraw, better graph indexing, and better text selection.

Priscilla on how she uses logseq to make a plan. Some introduction to brain stuff here.

Santi has a tip on improving the workflow to paste links into logseq.


If embedded document previews are not working in Craft, have a look at this thread to find out what you can do.

Looks like there is an issue with system-wide text replacement on macOS in Craft. I use this feature on macOS and on my mobile devices. It does work, but it’s not as robust as other tools. It wouldn’t surprise me if macOS is doing something funny here.

There is no Craft -> Raindrop integration but FloGro has some Shortcuts that may help.

The power of backlinks in Craft.

Here is a workflow example of Craft Daily Notes.


Sekund is an interesting tool that lets you share your Obsidian notes with others without sharing your whole vault or leaving Obsidian.

If you’re looking to replace all tags, look at Tag Wrangler.

If you’ve been wanting to use callouts and Dataview queries, there is some nuance explained here.

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