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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

Scott talks about being a learning machine with analogue systems. His notes on any book are quite short. I know I’ve certainly spent way to long on some books lately.

Using Indexes or a Table of Contents for your paper notebook. I use a table of contents in my notebook.

Justin did a long session taking notes and thinking.

This is a short video from Anne-Laure Le, Ness labs founder on being productive with creative work.

Maggie has an illustrated view of Tiago Forte’s Building a Second Brain course. What I find most interesting currently is the disclaimer at the top and her link to Andy’s note, which I’ve been thinking about a bunch lately.

Dan has some musings on antinet, paper based Zettelkasten.

Using TickTick and a PKM tool to keep your life on track.

How many good notes does it take for your brain to be “done” for the day? It’s interesting to think that if you’re not tired maybe your notes are too shallow.

What is your number 1 writing tip?

What is your favourite text editor for writing?

10 mistakes to avoid with a digital planner.

Keep Productive took a look at the coming Apple Freeform application against the market of other apps.

Something Interesting

Because we’re all lookin to expand our minds a bit.

So, Cops are simply panicking and fainting when they touch Fentanyl. Yes, it’s a serious drug that’s killing people, but not from touching it.

This article takes a practical look at gentrification or “slum lord” as an investor takes a property no one wanted and renovates it into something someone would want to rent.


Do you use a task manager alongside NotePlan?

Which note/task app can be used with Markdown, linking, and inline tasks?


Creating a student tracking system in logseq. Certainly applicable outside this specific piece of software. Jonathan also did a video on syncing logseq with Syncthing.


What’s the difference between documents and pages?

The / key invokes commands in Craft, but maybe that’s hindering writing?

Where should Craft go next?

There is now a Craft Weekly newsletter.

Numeric Citizen talks about what’s new in Craft 2.2.4. Evidently, there is some controversy about some of the features in this release. Mostly around what seems like a blatant marketing push that doesn’t serve users who are paying Craft.


The latest Obsidian Roundup can be found here.

Build your own movie database in Obsidian.

Nicole shows us how she used Obsidian and maps to organize a move.

Obsidian, Templater, YNAB and dealing with emails in Obsidian. Good Q/A video from Nicole.

Vault automation with Dataview.

What’s your Obsidian setup for technical writing.

Journaling in Obsidian with Dataview.

Anthony Baker showed off some of what he’s doing with queries in Obsidian.

Automating reviews with Periodic Notes. I struggle with consistent reviews, as many people do.

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