No this isn’t a big update for Unread, but it’s a fast responsive update. Just a week ago I reported that the default keyboard command to toggle the read status of an article conflicted with the iPadOS 16 Stage Manager controls. Well July 22 2022 Unread released 3.0.2 and changed the keyboard commands around.

I had no expectation of any changes before iPadOS 16 launched for real, and yet here we are.

Now r or u or m will toggle the read status of an article and I actually like these keyboard commands more. On my DVORAK layout that means I can use j/k on my left hand to move up and down the list of articles while using r to mark items as read with my right hand. This is a great improvement in ergonomics from the old ⌘ M keyboard command which meant I had to move around my left hand to move between articles and toggle read status. For QWERTY layout users you can still maintain your hand position using the same commands.

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