There are a few ways to automate repeating projects in Things 3. I personally use them for packing lists for things like skiing with my family. The only time I didn’t load my packing list last year I forgot to brin their ski boots and then we had to sort out ski books, then bigger skiis to fit the boots.

Markdown Projects in Things 3

One of the simplest ways to get a project template into Things 3 is to create a list in Markdown and then simply paste it into Things 3.

- task
- task
- task
- task

This only supports a single level, so no Checklists and doesn’t allow you to add descriptions or dates easily but it doesn’t require much from you on the technical end to get a new project set up.

Drafts Actions

For Drafts users there is an excellent Drafts Action called Things Parser. Using this you can create much more complex tasks and projects with dates, checklists and other metadata settings from a note in Drafts.


I’ve previously covered Things 3 URL Schemes so I won’t go into detail on them here. For a standard repeating project like a packing list you can use a Things 3 URL Scheme in a Shortcut. Even better, set up a single “Project Template” Shortcut and then set all your different templates up in it and use it to access and run any project you need to create.

Stay Organized with Things 3

Things 3 is my favourite iOS, iPadOS, macOS task manager. It combines the right mix of organization without all the nags that some task managers have when you get a bit behind. By the time you finish this course you’ll be a master of Things 3. You can also become a member to get all my courses.

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