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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

Maintaining a someday list in a notebook.

Nicole shared how she uses Shortform to read less.

This is a long post on the two definitions of Zettelkasten.

Using Zettelkasten for your creative output.

Daniel shared his workflow for reading scientific papers.

Here is an interview on taking notes and learning.

Managing your work with a PKM tool.

Should you take notes in a book or on paper alongside the book?

Using mindmaps to reflect on your paper based Zettelkasten.

Morgan showed off how she planned out her novel for NANOWRIMO.

Scott’s book on Antinet is getting closer.

Something Interesting

Because we’re all lookin to expand our minds a bit.

I love Beau Mile’s videos and his around home adventures. In this one he finds wood and builds furniture and a paddle for a gift.

Excellent post on investigating ideas we simply take on trust.

Interesting look at Michael Chrichton and John Grisham as authors.


Shu talked about why he likes Napkin.

Francesco showed off how he uses Mem to take notes.

Some feature requests for NotePlan from an iPad user.


Danny talked about Tana.


How are you organizing your content in Craft?

Does Craft get slow for you when your pages get really long.

Remember Craft “secret” notes are mostly just really hard to find. If you want real privacy then you need to add a password which is available on Craft Teams plans.


Danny talked about his favourite Obsidion Calendar Plugin.

Keep Productive has revamped their Obsidian Course and released it again.

This is a detailed look at tracking habits in Obsidian.

Andrey shared 11 tips on getting started with Obsidian.

Sebastien shared a video introduction on his Obsidian Starter Kit.

Like the OP I choose Obsidian because I own my files. New fancy web services may have all the features and may even look “nicer” but they have my files locked up so that’s a big no from me.

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