Areas are a way to organize your projects into logical groups. I usually have the following Areas.

  • Clients
  • Admin
  • Business
  • Personal

To that I may add an Area for a specific client if they have a bunch of projects going on at a time. Currently I have one extra Area for my main programming client called ProudCity.

You can also put tasks into your Areas. I use this in my Admin area for the bit of client follow up I end up doing to keep on top of prospects I should follow up with. Since I don’t have very many of these tasks ever, it doesn’t make sense to me to dedicate an entire project to those tasks.


Projects are for a set of tasks that are related. Projects can live on their own or you can organize them inside Areas. In addition to Tasks, Projects can contain other information like a link to a resource you will need for the project.

Marin Watershed Launch has links to the Pertinent Trello Card and the Slack conversation. Out of those two items I built all the tasks that I need for the project. If I need to refer back to the source material I can do that with the links in the project.


Tasks are what you’re going to deal with day to day because they are the things you’re going to do. We’ll talk about these in detail in a future lesson.


Headings help you to organize your tasks in a project into logical areas. You can see in my Marin Watershed project that I have a heading for Questions that are still outstanding about the project, a heading for Tasks that need to be accomplished on their Bluehost account, and some tasks that need to be done in their WordPress CMS instance.

Using headings will help you keep your tasks organized. Another way I use them is to divide a packing list between the people that need to be packed for since I have 3 children that at least need their bags checked to ensure they have actually brought the proper things on a trip.

Stay Organized with Things 3

Things 3 is my favourite iOS, iPadOS, macOS task manager. It combines the right mix of organization without all the nags that some task managers have when you get a bit behind. By the time you finish this course you’ll be a master of Things 3. You can also become a member to get all my courses.

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