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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

More thoughts this week on the Johnny.Decimal system.

Why you should handwrite notes on cards. Much of this sounds like the Any Benefit problem from Deep Work. I like the idea that friction means you only take notes on what matters.

How to capture notes while driving.

How to take future-proof notes.

Is Zettelkasten a GTD equivalent productivity porn? I think that much of it is with the biggest names in PKM working to brand their own systems to build intellectual property. I talked about it here and here, but there are creators I rarely feature because I find their content useless outside of a lesson in marketing.

How do writers keep all their writing sections organized?

Do you have recommendations for a tagging/folder system?

What should a programmer include in their note system?

William talked about the utility of the Kindle Scribe.

Why we need deep thought.

What PKM systems have proven they have longevity with a business model and good development?

Are you looking for accessories to take notes on the go?

How would you take notes for a trip on a map?

Why you stop creating notes in your PKM?

Some tips on taking effective notes.

Interesting article about Luhmann’s “ghost” in the box. This is why I don’t publish my vault, you’d only see half-formed thoughts. I publish things I’ve had a chance to think more about.

How do you handle large audiobook libraries on macOS?

Something Interesting

Because we’re all lookin to expand our minds a bit.

This is an excellent article on incel men and “himpathy”. Patriarchy and misogyny limit men in so many ways from being the full humans they could be. We need to fix this.

A filing cabinet from 1910 that was supposed to contain all the world’s knowledge. Was this really the first idea around what became the internet?


Here is Part 2 of learning Tana with Santi and his girlfriend.

Justin gave us an overview of the Readwise Reader application.


What’s new in Craft 2.4.0?

People are hitting the block limit in Craft.

Are you wondering about the utility of the AI features in Craft?

Craft needs to do better with accessibility. I find it maddening that accessibility is still an afterthought. You’re saying that people that need accessibility features aren’t valuable enough to bother with.


Here is an Excalidraw script to create slideshow presentations.

Obsidian has helped people with Aphantasia think when it was so hard before.

Danny showed off the latest canvas updates to Obsidian and so did FP and LYT.

Sergio covered the Obsidian plugins he’s using after 2 years.

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