I entirely agree with Marc, writing is magical.

All of his reasons are excellent, but I use 4 and 5 regularly.

At my programming gig if any issue in Github takes more than a quick fix then I document it in our work Obsidian system alongside the issue. Yes sometimes it shows failed paths that may make me look dumb, but it also tells future me what exactly I was thinking when I wrote some code. If I’m not around on the project in the future, people will see the deadends and understand why a decision was made so they don’t have to follow the same paths to nowhere.

I also enjoy the clarity aspect of it. Even sitting writing this I have more clarity around why I like writing and why I have close to 4k posts on this site over the last 12 years.

If you want to build your career, get a blog and write. Write when you solve a problem to show that you solved. I can’t count the times I’ve encountered a problem more than once only to start searching and finding my own site.

Write random stuff.

I could probably have a bigger “business blog” if I stuck to a single lane, but that’s not fun and writing about different topics helps save me from burnout.