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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

Should PKM and note systems be taught in school? Thanks to Sebastien for pointing me to this.

Should you actually use notecards for your notes? Like a bunch of the responses, I say you do what works for you. “Good” output is also defined by what matters to you.

Is Zettelkasten merely the gamification of note-taking? I find the OP’s comments about the “performance” by influencers interesting.

Like Marc, I believe writing is magical. I wouldn’t have the career I have today without my blog talking about programming, and now PKM. It introduced me to people that gave me work…so my blog paid for everything I have.

Greg wrote about his love for Matter.

Zettelkasten for Indie Devs and Product Managers.

How should you handle organizing research to write a book?

How do you handle ephemeral sources like YouTube videos in your notes?

This book club is talking about Scott’s Antinet book.

Here is a starting review of the Antinet book and someone else finished it.

Tips for reading on a Kindle from Nicole.

The cynic and small mean person inside me sees these folks expounding the value of their digital gardens and wonders if they’re missing the point. I don’t actually follow any of them closely enough to know if this is true (it’s probably not) but if all the work being put into the note-taking system isn’t resulting in actual outputs then it seems like misplaced effort. It’s like a chef collecting a huge library of impressive and rare ingredients but never actually making anything with them. – Sam Spurlin

Something Interesting

Because we’re all lookin to expand our minds a bit.

I enjoyed this article about moving to a dumb phone.

Is writing a rich person’s hobby? I know the only reason I can write this newsletter and do YouTube videos is that I am a programmer and get paid well for it so I can spend a day or two a week on these things. Members support me a little, but I’d need 10x of the current members to actually do this stuff full-time.


Freeform is available on iPadOS now. See what MacStories has to say about it, or what Jason Snell has to say or watch Chris’ video. William took a look at Freeform as a writers planning tool.

KDigitalStudio showed off Noteful for those that like taking handwritten notes on iPads.

Here’s a big list of 3rd Party Macros for The Archive.

Will NotePlan support Apple’s new security encryption?

Does anyone know of a PKM tool that works well with Mail.app?

How to use the graph view in DEVONthink.

DEVONthink for Historians took a look at using the graph view.

Readwise has it’s read-it-later app out.

Santi did an interview with Riccardo about Tana in two parts. Part 1Part 2

Numeric Citizen did a 60-minute experiment testing out the Capacities.io app.


Craftist got an update with version 0.9 being released this week.

A 2022 review of Craft.

This thread questions where Craft is going. The OP brought up the lack of support for Craft X features which were coming “this year” in theory. I canceled my Craft subscription.


I did a video showing how I send book notes to OmniFocus so I remember to process my books.

Actions for Obsidian is a new application for your iOS devices that will add more Shortcuts actions for you to use. Hoping to get on the TestFlight.

Obsidian Canvas came out and a bunch of people did videos on it linked below. I do see why people are excited, but I don’t think it does much to make it more “tactile” as some of the videos talk about.

How Matt publishes Obsidian posts to Ghost. Right now I publish by going through Ulysses, but I’d like to take that step out. That probably means I need to write a better WordPress publishing plugin, which means I need to set aside time for that.

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