Matt pointed this article out to me, which basically says that RSS is “coming back”. All of these articles strike me the same as “blogging returns” articles.

It seems that the author stopped using RSS or stopped blogging. They’ve now got some interest in it for some reason (currently RSS because Twitter is a pile of shit). Clearly everyone else also stopped using RSS and blogging and clearly they’re all starting again because the author is starting again.

Not sure about you, but I never stopped using RSS. I never stopped blogging.

Blogging has built my career is a programmer. It got other programmers and clients to read what I said, and then hire me. Just yesterday I was talking with the company I work for and they found my writing about “random” stuff was an excellent way to realize I shared the same values as them and would be a good fit for the company.

So blogging helped earn me over $100k this year.

RSS and blogging are seeing a resurfacing after years of not being the “golden” children, but they never went anywhere. They’re unlikely to go anywhere in the future either. They’re like your hammer, it’s there when you need it. Other fancy tools that purport to replace it, don’t work as well, so you keep reaching for your hammer and realizing how ideal it is for the job you want to accomplish.