From Ness Labs:

Anytime you struggle to write about something you just read, watched, or listen, make sure to take the time to understand properly. The fact that you’re struggling to express it in your own words often means you haven’t completely grasped the new idea.

This is one reason I write, because I’m not always sure what I think and the process of writing helps me sort out what I think. I write about technical topics I’m still learning because the process of trying to teach it helps me understand it.

I write my member newsletter about topics I’m figuring out because I figure those that trust and pay for membership will give me a bit more grace when I make a mistake instead of the dogpile that can be the internet reaction.

One of the things I tell beginning freelancers/programmers to do is to write about what they learn and publish it for everyone to see. That’s how I built my career.