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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

TfT Hacker on spacial canvases. (substack)

The OP is looking for a critique of their note practices. (reddit)

Daniel shared his PKM apps for 2023. (web)

Brandon talks about reMarkable’s version 3 software. (youtube)

James shared his reading wrap up for 2022. (youtube)

Writing advice for 2023. (youtube)

There is no magic system. (reddit)

Planning for 2023. (youtube)

Why do my side hustles fail? (youtube)

Note-taking strategies for non-narrative non-fiction books. (reddit)

Stop procrastinating with your note tools. (youtube) Totally agree that switching through tools or researching tools is simply sophisticated procrastination.

From source cards to idea cards. (youtube)

Morgan on GTD, natural planning and Obsidian. (youtube)

Here is some discussion on how neurodivergence affects your note practice. (reddit)

Anytime you struggle to write about something you just read, watched, or listen, make sure to take the time to understand properly. The fact that you’re struggling to express it in your own words often means you haven’t completely grasped the new idea. – Writing as a thinking tool

Something Interesting

Because we’re all lookin to expand our minds a bit.

I enjoyed this article on how the manual process of a Bullet Journal is beneficial, if not always practical. (web)

Crypto was always smoke and mirrors. (web)


Plan OKR’s in NotePlan. (youtube)


Should you switch from Notion to Craft? (web)

Some discontent with the direction Craft is going. (reddit)

Sounds like Craft on PC is not the best experience. (reddit)


Here is a Ruby script to save Reddit links to Obsidian. (reddit)

Keep Productive talked about the Canvas feature. (youtube)

Danny gave us a tour of his 2023 Obisidian setup. (youtube)

The OP is having trouble getting attachments into Obsidian. (reddit)

Nicole talks about atomic notes in Obsidian and Excalidraw. (youtube)

The OP is looking for a VSCode extension to mimic Obsidian. (reddit)

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