Now, I run this newsletter poorly. There is no rhyme or reason behind my topic selection; my tweets are riddled with spelling errors; the courses I teach are challenging to find. I don’t do podcast interviews, and just the thought of attending an event to “network” makes me break out in hives. If I schedule more than five or six meetings a week, I start canceling them, regardless of their importance. (Sorry if you’re one of the people I’ve canceled on and are just finding out the real reason right now). Despite that (or for the sake of my argument, because of it), my work was read over 1 million times last year.

In Defense of the Unoptimized Life – Every

I love it, and I do the same thing. You don’t see popups here, though they would increase conversions to my newsletters. I don’t worry about what YouTube thinks I should be doing on my channel, I just do videos on things that interest me.

I never seek out podcast interviews, though if a podcast reaches out I’ll say yes if it fits in my schedule. Conferences…nope. Networking…if you’re not on the local group bike ride…nope.

I often decide to say f@*k it on Friday and read a book or play video games. Today I went for a run with my wife, then helped her wash her back…now some reading but I think I’ll play Hollow Knight in the next hour instead of doing anything “productive”.

I’d like to be able to pursue less Tuesday through Thursday, but kids need to eat and bills need to be paid so I write code for an excellent company that still doesn’t care if I take a 90 minute bike ride on a Thursday at 9am.