Apple released a 2nd generation HomePod and you can read about it on MacStories or Six Colors.

While I’m in the market for whole home audio…I already went with Sonos and did it when the HomePod was clearly not getting a revamp any time soon. Now I’m in with a pair of Sonos One Gen 2 in my office. A pair in the living room and a Sonos Roam in the Kitchen/Deck for portable audio. When I added the stereo pair of speakers to the living room my wife (who really doesn’t care about tech) commented about having even stereo audio to watch movies with. The quality of Sonos speakers got her to add budgeting lines for further Sonos speakers to watch TV with.

In my house Apple missed the boat when they sat on the large HomePod for so long and now I’m all in with Sonos and won’t be switching back.