From Strong Towns:

We’re living in an age of monomania. If you hang around online, you’ll see lots of people adopt a persona consisting of one principle that they just crank up to 11 and apply to everything. The incentives of social media encourage having a shtick—it’s why people are K-Pop Stans or Swifties. It’s usually harmless.

Okay, the rest of that post deals with monomania in terms of city design, racism, and redlining…but that’s not what I thought about when I read the first paragraph.

I’ve seen/read/watched so many people talk about finding your niche to get success and sticking with it. I’ve seen many of the same people mostly sell stuff to people that want to be successful at blogging/youtube/something instead of actually being out there doing their own thing that’s not simply selling dreams to dreamers.

I’ve also watched people niche and burnout so many times since I started my blog/site in 2008.

This is why I haven’t niched permanently. I talked about freelancing when I was figuring out how to run my business. I wrote books about it and coached people to help them run their own business.

Now I’m figuring out how to research a book and write a deeply researched book, instead of one that was mostly based on what had worked for me as I’ve written previously. That means you can expect stuff on how I’m organizing my research, and stuff about the book (we don’t care about the kids because if we did society would run different).

With rare exceptions, I’ve always enjoyed writing because I continue to change what I write about to focus on what I find interesting.

So that’s my niche, what I find interesting. Join me…or don’t. I’ll still be here writing about stuff in another 15 years.