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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

Greg doesn’t feel that Readwise Reader really wants you to enjoy reading on it. (web)

William did a stream to help get writers writing. (youtube)

Are you dealing with analysis paralysis in your note-taking? (reddit) Just start taking notes, even if you build the “perfect” system it’s going to not be right in a few months and you’ll change things.

Bob Doto on using Folgezettel in your Zettelkasten. (web)

This is a very interesting discussion for shorthand notation when something proves, or disproves an idea. (reddit) I don’t have anything currently to note this, but maybe I should.

How Morgan annotates books for her PhD thesis. (youtube)

Here are some tablet alternatives to an iPad for taking notes by hand. (reddit)

What is the biggest benefit of PKM? (web/newsletter)

Santi did a video on how Ai can help you with your writing. (youtube) I’m skeptical on Ai, though I did see an interesting use of it to suggest YouTube titles for videos that you could then massage to create a title that you like.

How about taking notes that are linked with emails. (reddit)

Brandon talked about the updates to the SuperNote e-ink tablet. (youtube)

Here is a 20-page guide on note-taking with Obsidian from Dr. Andy Roddik. (google docs)

If some reading won’t be worth a note….do you just not read it? (reddit) I don’t think you can always know what is worth a note and what will spark connections with other reading/research you’ve done.

Julien shared his note workflow with NotePlan 3 and DEVONthink. (medium)

Something Interesting

Because we’re all lookin to expand our minds a bit.

This is an interesting discussion on relentless optimization culture. (reddit)

Are we in an Ai bubble? (web)



Check out Logseq times from January 29th for more on what’s happening with Logseq. (web)

How to build a query to show you what happened “on this day” in your logseq vault. (web)


My friend Greg seems to be having trouble getting Craft to respond to his support tickets as he tries to give them money. (mastodon) Though evidently a Tweet got attention when standard support channels didn’t .

What’s new in Craft 2.4.2? (youtube)

The OP is having issue with Craft for Windows thinking it’s not online all the time. (reddit)


Sebastien shared his daily note template in Obsidian. (medium)

There are a bunch of updates to Excalidraw.

Maker Mode looks like an interesting Obsidian plugin. (github)

Tomi showed off Obsidian Canvas and how he uses it as a learning machine. (youtube)

Danny talked about plugin updates in Obsidian. (youtube)

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