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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

Maggie Appleton has a huge list of links to digital garden resources. (web)

What’s your process for reading physical books? (reddit)

Some discussion around folders and hierarchy limiting your thinking. (reddit) I think the biggest issue is deciding where to put things which paralyzes so many people. I like tags (or Tagnotes) for this reason. But if folders work for you and you’re not paralyzed by organizational stuff and can find your notes…you do you.

Are PKM apps even needed? (web)

Help a new student with their note-taking practice. (reddit)

Matt with some advice on a series bible, when you’re writing a series of books. (web)

Scott made a mistake in his book, Antinet (reddit) and some of the people in the antinet Reddit are annoyed that you have to get the 2nd edition of the book or pay extra for his newsletter to get the correction. I already wrote how I think the book is bad and it doesn’t surprise me that Scott laments people selling you “zettelkasten” then sells the same stuff. To be clear, paper-based notes are awesome, it’s the delivery by Scott that seems off base to me.

Some examples of analogue note systems. (reddit)

How long should you make a single note session? (reddit) I go until I’m done with new ideas and connections, or kids/puppy needs stuff. Kids and puppy usually interrupt me before I’m out of ideas.

Something Interesting

Because we’re all lookin to expand our minds a bit.

CJ Chilvers….humans were probably designed for a 15 hour work week. (web) I really only work 15 hours a week over 3 days. Monday and Friday are focused on doing things I want, like writing or reading or playing video games. No productivity required.

Hrm, CarPlay and Android Auto are worse for driver reaction times than drinking. (newsletter/web)

I’ve become increasingly skeptical of the digital world as a healthy or desirable place to spend time. Not to mention all the tracking and surveillance that has crept in, the psychological damage of social media, and the rise of “subscription” models where you have to pay for an app indefinitely to maintain access to _your_ documents. 1979

I liked this post from Matt about the confident wrongness of ChatGPT. (web)


Dendron is shutting down active development. (discord) A few weeks ago I summarized what it’s been like after 52 issues of this newsletter and talked about the gold rush of PKM tools, while also acknowledging that a bunch would shut down as they stopped getting traction. There just isn’t enough space for so many tools to be actively developed, especially when you toss in VC money that needs to be recouped. I’ll be watching for more tools shutting down this year and if you see any big ones let me know on Mastodon.

3 hot note-taking apps according to Keep Productive. (youtube) Good to see what’s happening in the note-taking software, but do not get caught up in all the shiny new applications.

Short list of why Scotty J prefers Bear over Obsidian. (web)

Notion introduced 2.0 and Keep Productive did a video on the updates. (youtube)

Some tips on the search operators available in DEVONthink. (web)

This is an interesting app for “sidenotes”. (web)


There is a template gallery plugin available to ease the sharing of templates. (web)

Here is a huge list of task queries in logseq. (web)

This video is about whiteboards in logseq. (youtube)

Vote on logseq theme changes as it pertains to showing off tables. (web)


Do you know how to add a Telegram message to the Today note in Craft? (reddit)

You can’t set up a login password in Craft. (reddit) I hate these types of “email you a login code” systems. Recently I had to jump into Notion with a client and it took 30 minutes for me to get the email. Step one was to set up a password.

To login to the web version of Craft, click the Get the Web App button. (reddit)


I love the 80’s theme for Obsidian, and now you can get a matching Firefox theme. (reddit)

Are you curious about Excalidraw templates. (youtube)

How to access a file you’ve deleted. (reddit)

Danny talked about kepano as the new CEO of Obsidian and talks about how YouTube affects his video content. (youtube)

I like the look of this iPadOS widget for viewing your tasks in Obsidian. (reddit)

Book on a page in Excalidraw. (youtube)

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