I’ve helped a number of people with their note system, and almost every one of them has had the same problem. This single problem can be fixed with one trick, not an easy trick, but it’s the single biggest thing standing between you and producing something from your notes.

Make Time to Work Your Notes

The title says it all. If you want to produce something with your notes you need to sit down a number of times a month and work with your notes. Everyone is always looking for some secret plugin or technique that will suddenly help them “make better notes” and there isn’t one.

You’ve watched all the videos and read blog posts, and then read them again hoping to glean new meaning. You read this (or watched the video) for a “secret” and I’m telling you there isn’t one.

The single thing that people need to do is, spend time each week working on their notes. You need to review them, remix them, think about them. Spend time sitting quietly thinking about them and when you’re bored…keep thinking.

I’m sure many of you are reaching for the thumbs down button right now because you didn’t want to hear that the problem is your lack of discipline. So I’ll show you how one technique I use to work on my notes each week.

Random Note Search

If I’m not focusing on a specific project and just want to go through my notes to see what connections surface I use the Random Note Plugin and Workspaces. Here I save a search to the Workspace and then when I ask for a new random note it uses the search to limit the parameters of the note I’m going to see.

When I’m doing this I’ll spend an hour focusing on making new connections. Sometimes this is a single note, sometimes I go through lots of notes. The whole goal is to spend time making new connections with the notes.

Getting Started with Obsidian Course

Getting Started with Obsidian

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