I just ordered my first non-Apple laptop in 10-years, a Framework laptop. I’ll be running Fedora on it and for the first time in a while I’m excited about the new tech coming into my house.

Here are some fun reads/videos that show why I’m excited about the new laptop.

I Could make my own parts

I can take the mainboard out and build a PC

The Framework laptop supports 4 displays1, unlike the Apple MacBook Air which supports 1 external monitor.

The biggest drawback to the Framework is that it’s not an Apple device and we’ve been an all Apple house for a while. I have a bunch of software that only works on Apple computers. That means I’ll have to look into getting alternatives to DEVONthink to sync all my PDF’s and receipts as well as some new developer tools.

  1. 3 external plus laptop or turn off the laptop monitor and 4 external