The third installment in some thoughts on creativity. It’s okay to not be creative.

Tomorrow I’ve got 2 kids at home and a puppy to take care of. Usually, I’d record a YouTube video but I find it unlikely that I can get the dog to settle and the two kids occupied at the same time so I can record.

Where some people would bust out extra hours on Sunday to have a script ready so they could record as planned…that’s not going to be me.

Life happens, let yourself off the hook. Just because Monday is YouTube day doesn’t mean I have to do it every Monday come hell or high water. I do a video almost every Monday and that’s good enough. Missing a week or two in the year isn’t a problem I’m going to worry about.

I know that over the course of more than a decade, I’ve continued to produce writing and videos. Missing a video here and there doesn’t ruin any “legacy” of creativity.

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