Depending on how you have your projects organized, you may want the word count of a folder. This is where Novel Word Count for Obsidian can help you.

Novel Word Count does one thing, count the words of the items in the folders in your Obsidian vault. By default it will only show you the word count for a folder, but you can also show the Page Count (figured at 300 words per page) and a number of other pieces of data. Novel Word Count limits you to three pieces of data, which seems right as you are going to run out of space in the Obsidian folder view fairly quickly.

Data Display Options

  • Word Count
  • Page Count
  • Page Count Decimal – gives you two decimal places for partial pages
  • Note Count – The number of notes in a folder
  • Note Count Folders Only – only gives you a count of notes inside folders
  • Character Count – counts each character
  • Created Date – The date the folder/note was created
  • Last Update – the date the folder/note was last updated

If you feel that you should have more words per page, then you can go to the settings of the plugin and change the default 300 words to whatever you think the setting for words per page should be.

Get Novel Word Count for Obsidian

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