Welcome to the PKM weekly newsletter. My goal is to round up good resources in the PKM space so you don’t have to.

This issue was sponsored by Reflect.app.

Reflect is a note-taking app that mirrors the way your brain works through networked notes. It has a GPT-4 AI assistant that lets you save your own custom prompts. It also has an AI voice transcriber that works with near human-level accuracy. The simple UI is easy to use, and your notes instantly sync across devices – even after using offline mode! Your notes are also encrypted, so no one can see them but you.

Reflect prioritizes friction less thought capture and recall, so you’ll never miss an idea, note or connection ever again. Try Reflect for free and see how your notes and writing are instantly transformed.

They didn’t mention it in the sponsorship text, but it also has Kindle Sync for your notes which means you may not need an additional service like Readwise. Reflect also provides a huge learning library on how to take notes. Of course it’s geared to their tool, but there are lots of excellent tips there on taking good notes.

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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

Greg talks about indexing used notebooks. (web)

Vicky talks about Maps of Content. (youtube)

Why Manoj quit Tana. (web) Manoj correctly realized how much time is lost learning a new tool.

Does Zettelkasten make writing harder? (youtube) A good discussion on issues with turning notes into linear writing.

Jason Snell on the Boox Leaf 2 e-reader. (web)

Here is a good guide on how to organize files. (youtube)

Something Interesting

Because we’re all looking to expand our minds a bit.

Creator funds are worse that you thought. (web) If you like a creator, give them money. They have to eat and the creator funds aren’t doing anything to help them do that.

For fear of never launching anything, you quickly have to come to terms with the fact that perfection is the enemy. – Making the Right Compromises from Greg


If all you need is citations and you use iPadOS mainly there is a new app out called Citations. (appstore)

Why Sergio uses Notion and Obsidian. (youtube)

DEVONthink showed us how to share smart rules. (web)

Adding and Organizing archival documents in DEVONthink. (youtube)

Understanding Nodes and Hierarchy in Tana and Workflowy. (medium)

Here is a look at Heptabase and Scrintal. (medium)

This problem with a lost Notion account is why I hate systems that email you a code for login. Yes Notion does username/password login as well, which is what we should all be using. Don’t log in with Google or Facebook or any other 3rd party service either. One username/password combination per site stored in a good password manager.

This set of scattered notes is why you shouldn’t just try all the tools all the time. You loose so much data each time you change systems. (reddit)


An interview with Ramses Oudt, the community manager at logseq. (youtube)


Craft has a slew of updates this week including:

Moving your bookmarks out of Craft. (youtube)

Craft has lackluster Shortcuts support. (reddit) I don’t see this really changing much as Craft looks to Windows users and Web users. Remember CraftX, which was supposed to be some big API…well that didn’t happen.

The Craft community is having some serious questions about the lack of listening to user feedback from the Craft team. (reddit)


7 Obsidian Templates to Streamline your Notes. (medium)

How to Read Research Papers with Obsidian and Zotero. (web)

This week I updated an older video on publishing from Obsidian to WordPress. (web/youtube)

Danny discusses Obsidian pricing. (youtube) I’m not sure what his point was though as he rambled about Sync pricing, plugin support, and then help documentation.

Nicole showed off Dice Roller for Obsidian. (youtube) It’s not just for games.

How Elizabeth plans her day with Obsidian. (youtube)

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