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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

Maybe you don’t need to keep up streaks? (web)

Nicole on how to learn stuff you have no business learning. (youtube) I love the first tip, follow your interests. That is why the content of my site/youtube channel changes. I do what I’m interested in.

Don’t hoard your ideas. (web/newsletter)

The Focused Podcast on Deep Work by Cal Newport. (podcast)

What about hybrid digital/analogue systems? (reddit)

The life-changing benefits of journaling. (youtube)

What is it like to have a conversation with your notes? (reddit)

Nicole interviewed Bianca about taking notes for academic research. (youtube)

How to use visual thinking. (youtube) Good video, but the job in the example sounds like a terrible place to work that’s designed in the opposite way it needs to be for people to do good work.

Brandon on the Arc browser. (youtube) I got access to this last week and as soon as it required an account to even use the browser I opted out. Yes you need an account to sync, but if I don’t want to sync why do you need my information in the browser?

Want to write on “paper” but have it appear in a digital system? (reddit)

Darin’s look at an improved Zettelkasten for 2023. (youtube)

Process wins every time, people just fool us into thinking that some tool is what’s needed because it makes money…for the person recommending the tool. (newsletter/web)

Vicky on maps of content. (youtube)

Jared on writing the first draft with a notebook, not a computer. (youtube)

Something Interesting

Because we’re all lookin to expand our minds a bit.

I enjoyed this video on casual representation in Carmen Sandiego. (youtube) All relationships between consenting adults need to be normalized.


How to use the DEVONthink scripts menu to look up book metadata from Google Books. (web)

Interstitial Journaling in Tana. (youtube)


A look at the new simple query builder in logseq. (youtube)


Seeing some slowdowns in long documents? (reddit)

Seems there is some anger over the removal of swipe down to search on iOS devices. (reddit)

The failed promise of CraftX. (reddit)

The more the OP uses Craft, the less it works for them. (reddit)


Danny talking through a recent episode of Cortex on why Obsidian works. (youtube) I agree, having a project you need to do is one of the ways to make Obsidian work. If you’re just doing some nebulous thing like “taking notes” without something to accomplish then Obsidian, or any note tool, is you dreaming about some future that doesn’t exist for you.

Obsidian-Excalidraw 1.8.21 improvements. (youtube)

The new bookmark feature in Obsidian looks very interesting. (youtube)

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