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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

Is this true? Someone with average creativity BUT stellar organizing skills makes a greater impact than a disorganized creative genius. (reddit) I’d say it depends on what each person outputs. If the disorganization means you never get anything done, you have no impact. If you organize to infinity (and beyond) and count that as productive, no one sees your work either.

What is the difference between note-taking and note-making? (youtube)

GTD or PARA? (reddit)

Here is an extensive post on note-taking strategy. (web)

Logging your life in a diary preserves the richness of it. (web)

Without the right tools, our minds are hopelessly leaky. We forget much of what we think. – Incremental note-taking (web)

I’d say that without the right systems, our minds are leaky. Tools are all good and stuff, but a good system will outlast any tool and should be portable to a new tool.


DEVONthink on it’s accessibilty settings for reduced vision users. (web)

Some suggestions on a simple note app for Android. (reddit)

Timeblocking with NotePlan on iOS. (youtube)

Emacs for book writing? (reddit)

Nicole talks about her journey to find the right tool to work with PDF files. (youtube)


Linux, Craft, offline notes…some tips. (reddit)

Some issues with text size on the iPad version. (reddit) Reading the response, some unhappiness with what Craft is actually shipping lately as well.

We’re still waiting for Craft on Android, and one of the commentors says the windows version isn’t that great either. (reddit)

Seems bigger documents are lagging. (reddit)


Danny makes some recommendations about learning Obsidian. (youtube)

If you’re an outliner, this plugin may make your outlines easier to work with. (youtube)

Nick on Obsidian Bookmarks. (youtube)

Obsidian Canvas as a dashboard. (youtube)

Optimizing Obsidian for Content Creation. (youtube)

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