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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

Why a single note matters. (web)

Focus your reading with Readwise filters. (youtube)

Reading should be messy. (web)

Brandon on 6-months with the Kindle Scribe. (youtube)

How do you use your PKM system? (web)

Good libraries can contain in their finite space a feeling that, even if you read for centuries and centuries, you would never exhaust the knowledge contained within their walls, not only because there are simply so many books, but because there’s so much to learn when you take the ideas from one book as a lens through which to read others. Infinities assembled out of finite building blocks. – Knowledge tools, finite and infinite

This is an excellent and thoughtful discussion on the “Second Brain” trope. (web)

Something Interesting

Because we’re all lookin to expand our minds a bit.

The average user’s interaction with ChatGPT amounts to pouring a large bottle of water on the ground. (web) ChatGPT is not free in terms of resources, and maybe we should think more about that fact before we start using it.

I wrote about why you shouldn’t believe the AI and ChatGPT hype. (web)


There is a new QT based eBook Reader out for Linux called Arianna. (web)

If you want desktop access to Wikipedia, check out Wike. (web)

Hookmark is a powerful macOS application to link different items together across applications. (web/newsletter)

macOS outliner Bike has updated and has decent Shortcuts support. (web)

Dealing with PDF searchability in DEVONthink. (web)

digiKam 8 can OCR your images. (web)

NotePlan is looking at coming to a web browser near you. (Twitter)

Maybe all you need is Apple Notes. (youtube)

Using Joplin as your PKM tool. (reddit)


Did you know that there is a guide for contributing to logseq? (web)

logseq for task management. (web)

Here is a starter kit for logseq. (youtube)


Craft moved external locations in the latest update. (reddit)

What is your most wanted Craft feature? (reddit)


The Obsidian WordPress plugin updated to encrypt passwords and allow for multiple accounts. (web/youtube)

Nicole on Obsidian Bookmarks. (youtube)

Danny shows off the Homepage plugin for Obsidian. (youtube)

Vicky on what she learned with 1-year of taking notes in Obsidian. (youtube)

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