So let me get this straight. An Education Assistant in BC is so underpaid they had to turn to OnlyFans to make enough money to get by. Then, when some parent watches the content they may lose their job.

This parent/adult is participating in OnlyFans clearly. You don’t just randomly find this content if you search for someone’s name. The Education Assistant used a pseudonym…so some other adult had to be looking on only fans for women that looked similar to her because that’s what they like.

Then they complain and this lady loses her job?

Yes, I know the sex work industry can be exploitative, but when you put up your own OnlyFans account and are earning the money directly that’s not the same thing.

Is this adult also going to see some ramifications because they choose to view adult content? Of course not.

The complaint is all about controlling women.

The story should be about not paying Education Assistants enough to care for our kids in school. If we did that then they wouldn’t have to choose OnlyFans for side income. They could still do it if they wanted, but it wouldn’t be something the had to do.

I’m sure someone out there is “what about the kids” on this as a mask for caring about education. But if you care about the education our kids are getting, start a campaign to pay all educators more.