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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

Greg’s adventures with a common place book. (web)

How and why to keep a commonplace book. (youtube)

Do you keep your personal journalling in the same app as your research/learning? (reddit) I take journal style daily notes in a notebook and research goes in Obsidian.

Your 3-step book. (newsletter) This has me tempted.

The highest yield study technique there is. (youtube) This video is focused on student test studying.

Why is PhD thesis writing so stressful? (youtube)

What to do with readings not specifically related to a project? (reddit)

Digesting what you read. (youtube)

Notes are learning exhaust…they matter less. (youtube) The important thing is to learn the information.

Stop using social media for news…RSS is much better. (youtube) Agreed! I never stopped using RSS and follow a few higher volume feeds that aggregate some of the content I want to read. Also note, the algorithm is all about keeping you engaged, not finding you the content you really want. We’ve all spent time online only to realize we wasted out time.

Something Interesting

Because we’re all looking to expand our minds a bit.

I wish more academics would take a stand and leave publishers behind. (web)

Taylor’s scientific management approach still reverberates through much of the global economy—especially in the manufacturing and service sectors. But today, instead of managers holding stopwatches, it’s often faceless technology platforms—the Amazon warehouse scanner, the attorney’s hourly billing software —that crack the digital whip. Worse yet, we crack the whip on ourselves. – A Better Argument for Working Less


Ai note-taking with Reflect. (youtube) Reflect has sponsored the newsletter, and is sponsoring an upcoming video.

The one app that’s not Obsidian which Nicole uses to tag notes. (youtube)

Bryan on Obsidian vs logseq. (youtube)

Tana dropped Ai integration and a mobile app. (youtube) Unfortunately the mobile app is not a full app, it’s just for capture. This makes it far less useful in my opinion.

3 hacks to manage your notes in Apple Notes. (youtube)

Organize your NotePlan sidebar with PARA. (youtube) Also if you’re stuck on the price of NotePlan remember it’s part of SetApp.


At least one user is having blocks disappear with the 0.9.5 update. (reddit)


Is this single tool an Obsidian killer? (youtube) So it’s mem.ai that he thinks is an Obsidian killer. Collaboration is one big thing he likes. He also talks about how Mem.ai can “think” for him, but it can’t. Mostly it seems like Rafeh is doing what most people do…looking for ways to make everything easy instead of digging into hard work to build his knowledge. It’s a long video that rambles lots.

Excalidraw 1.9.0 brings some cool features. (youtube)

Check out Obsidian Observer as well for Medium articles on Obsidian. (medium)

Any chance of Google Drive as an official sync location? (reddit) Nope and like the other people that answered questions I think Obsidian Sync is the best by far. Never had an issue with it.

Sergio sings the praises of the Obsidian Bookmark feature. (youtube)

Can you capture email addresses via an Obsidian Publish based website? (reddit)

Danny talks about Obsidian Bookmarks. (youtube)

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