Technology is full of hype. A few years ago crypto currency and the block chain was going to be “world changing”. According to proponents, we’d no longer use the standard currency of our country, we’d all want to be in on some crypto currency because it would be so much better than what our governments were offering us.

Well crypto was life-changing for some, a very few people made a lot of money on it, and most people lost a bunch of money on it. In large part, rich people got even richer off the back of NFT’s and crypto currency. Regular people lost money.

One question to ask yourself when any new technology comes around the hype cycle is what concrete change will it have?


Take a look at LLM’s now. We’re told that jobs will be lost and LLM’s are the future. They’re going to be world changing. But when you sit down and ask about what the concrete changes^1 will be for a family of 5 the pushers of LLM’s aren’t specific.

They can’t tell you if you’ll be working in 2 years or if that insane chatbot is going to take your job. They can’t tell you how people will eat once LLMs take over and they don’t want you to focus on that.

All they want is to use waffling “world-changing” language and have you buy into the hype alongside them.

Sam Altman1 makes money when you believe his nebulous language about how awesome his product is.

A good rule of thumb is that if the person talking stands to make a lot of money from the thing they’re hyping and can’t tell you any concrete benefit, maybe it’s all just hype and you should be circumspect.

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  1. Founder of OpenAI which does ChatGPT