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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

Preparing for the future of knowledge work. (newsletter) I think that LLM’s are interesting, but I’m remain unconvinced that they’re going to be the sea-change that many people think. Early talk of cryptocurrency and blockchain was just as breathless as LLM talk is now and that didn’t come close to what everyone claimed it would

A tool for thought must surface contextually useful information to the user without requiring significant manual effort. (youtube)

Mastering concept visualizations. (youtube) It uses Obsidian tools, but the ideas apply to anyone that likes visual thinking.

Writing a novel in Markdown by P.D. Workman. (youtube)

Please make the Kindle better. (web)

Tips for a marketer using a PKM system? (reddit)

Digital or Physical flashcards? (reddit) I like the point in the comments about engaging more senses, which would put physical as the winner since you’re touching them.

Morgan talks about helping her Mom start a Zettelkasten that works for her. (youtube) I love that Morgan helped her Mom find the tools that work for Mom, not what Morgan loves and uses. I always think you should use the tools that work for you.

How many books do you process at once? (reddit)

Tiago Forte just released a “foundation” course for his Building a Second Brain system. (web) I shared my notes on the book and an opinion on the content of Building a Second Brain if you’re curious.

How to read more. (youtube) If the reason you want to read more is to see a big number on Goodreads…you’ve got a vanity project.

Carl’s tip is specific to Apple Notes, but you can do the same thing with your meeting notes in many other tools. (youtube)

Vicky on thinking outside the box. (youtube)

Something Interesting

Because we’re all looking to expand our minds a bit.

The pandemic brought a bunch of bad stuff but the ability to work remotely was a game-changer for parents especially mothers. (web)

Wired did a profile on Simone Stolzoff and his new book The Good Enough Job. (web) I bought the book as soon as it came out.


How to import copies of emails in DEVONthink. (web)

I took an in-depth look at Reflect. (web/youtube) Yes this was a paid review. Now they don’t get to see the content before it goes live.

If you have DEVONthink To Go 3.7 then you now have support for Wikilinks. (web) DEVONthink To Go has come a long way in the last couple years from mostly a viewer application with a few features if you wanted to edit to a very capable editor of your notes. I still wish it was available outside of the Apple ecosystem though.

Here’s a look at Evernote’s AI note clean up feature. (youtu

Martin talks about his note-taking journey and writing a book about taking notes. (youtube)


Better default queries in logseq. (youtube)

Don’t forget that there are themes in logseq. (reddit)

How to add global custom CSS to logseq. (reddit)

Here is a tool that converts Google Keep notes into logseq. (reddit)


60 minutes in Craft with Numeric Citizen. (youtube)

Raycast is the recommendation if you want to add a quick note on macOS when Craft isn’t the focused application. (reddit)

Can you lock a page in Craft? (reddit)

How Elizabeth does daily journals with Obsidian. (youtube

Some love for the Craft support team. (reddit)


Obsidian has a new icon and a blog I wasn’t aware of. (web) I’m sure many people are not going to like it, because that’s what happens when things change. It looks fine to me, but I don’t get that concerned about icons. This designer loves it too. (reddit)

If you’re doing math in Obsidian than this plugin does the MathJax for you. (reddit)

Danny talked about the Obsidian changes. (youtube)

Mike Schmitz is launching a course called Obsidian University. (web) Mike as a great teacher so if his style fits you, I recommend the course.

Santi on writing daily, and using Obsidian publish. (youtube)

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