Matt says that camcorders were weird too and people tensed up when camcorders came out. Now technology has changed enough that a phone coming out to take a video changes little about the behaviour of most people.

On some level, I agree. Vision Pro will change lots and people will get used to it.

My biggest issue with them is that they’re such an isolating technology that I’m not sure we should want anyone to get used to wearing them in any setting where other people are really around to interact with. Our phones already isolate us from the relationships around us, and Vision Pro has a much higher isolation factor.

If I was going to cite one take I’ve read that I’m mostly behind it would be this one from Paris Marx. Marx says we should ridicule people wearing them as fast as possible so that we don’t get this invasive and isolating technology becoming normal.

Yes, I see a future using Vision Pro in my office on virtual screens to get work done, but I don’t see my family sitting around watching a movie in VR as we’re all isolated from each other. And that view of Dad watching his kid through Vision Pro is downright creepy and dystopian.