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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

I did a long video where you get to watch me take notes on a book. (web/youtube).

How do you disagree with sources in your PKM system? (reddit)

Effective journalling and Second Brain. (youtube) This is a Q/A format and those are some of the questions.

How to include existing writing in your PKM? (reddit)

Taekman Zettelkasten workflow. (web) Good ideas here even if you don’t use his specific software tools.

iPad note-taking vs pen and paper. (reddit)

Connecting ideas with the Idea Compass and ExcaliBrain. (youtube)

Something Interesting

Because we’re all looking to expand our minds a bit.

How Jersey City achieved Zero Traffic Deaths. (web) This is possible if you stop caring about vehicle speed and moving people in them and care about safety.


Apple announced some good updates to Notes this week, though you’ll have to wait for iOS 17 for them. (web) Plus here is the MacStories look at the coming improvements to Notes. (web)

Moving tasks from Bear to Things 3. (web)

How to quickly access documents in DEVONthink. (web)

Backlinking in Reflect. (youtube)


logseq is also looking at a new logo. (web)

17 logseq plugins to supercharge your workflow. (web)

Why you need a commonplace book and how to build one in logseq. (youtube)

If you’ve got some time this user is looking for Zoom help with logseq. (reddit)


Is Craft worth it for a single user? (reddit)


Using Obsidian instead of Letterboxd. (medium/free)

I don’t always mention it, but you should subscribe to Obsidian Weekly by Eleanor Konik if you want Obsidian specific news. I regularly find interesting plugins and ideas there.

What is a hubnote and how do you use it? (youtube)

Obsidian and feedback loops. (youtube)

For the macOS inclined Obsidian users out there check out Obsidian Actions. (web)

Text expansion in Obsidian with Espanso. (youtube) And I have a video about setting Espanso up coming this Wednesday…ironically.

The Obsidian blog had a great article on verifying the encryption of your Obsidian database. (web)

Elizabeth shares how she plans projects in Obsidian. (youtube)

Danny shares his Obsidian setup as of Mid 2023. (youtube)

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Getting Started with Zettelkasten

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