I’ve been asked recently when I would recommend using multiple vaults in your Obsidian setup. The best way I can think to help you make a decision is to tell you why I use multiple vaults.

My Other Vaults

I have two other main vaults, and only one that I use regularly. The vault I use regularly was shown off when I showed you how a software developer uses Obsidian at work. The entire purpose of this vault is to track the issues at work and to document internal processes at work. There is nothing in here that’s not entirely related to my work at Proudcity.

The second vault I was using dealt with gaming. Originally I was going to have any posts I wrote for my gaming site but as you can see, I don’t post much over there. I was orginally going to use it to map out a bunch of content on Hollow Knight, but after some thinking I figured I should just put the Hollow Knight game guide I was working on online as well.

So that vault is essentially dead. At some point I need to move any writing ideas from that vault into my main Obsidian vault and use the Projects plugin to keep it out of my way when I’m writing for my main YouTube channel.

When Should You Use a Different Vault?

I think the only time you should use a different vault is when the content of that vault is owned by someone else like the content in the ProudCity vault is owned by ProudCity. You might be able to convince me that there is a time when the content is entirely different than the main vault and it should be off on its own. That was the idea behind my gaming vault.

In reality, it’s out of site out of mind so I don’t write anything for my gaming site. Most people have a hard enough time focusing on production for their regular writing/content/ideas that having an entire vault removed from your main workflow is probably a recipe for never touching it.

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Getting Started with Obsidian

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