From Sebastien Dubois:

The one part I’m disappointed about is the MRR of this newsletter. As I write edition after edition, week after week, I notice how little progress I manage to make. You are now 800+ subscribers, and I’ve only managed to convince 6 of you (❤️) that my work is worth supporting (i.e., 0.75%). This means that the perceived value of my work is too low, which means that most of you expect something more/different from me. And I need to find out what! If you have a minute or two, please take some time to reply to this mail to tell me why you’re not willing to become a paid subscriber; no need for kindness, I just need raw honesty 😉

I get his issue with people subscribing to his work, but not supporting it financially. I sit in the same boat in many ways. My newsletter/membership brings in around $200/month. I’m continually told how much people value my work, yet very few people value it enough to actually pay me to do the work.

I’ve even talked about stopping parts of the work and hear from people that they’d be very disappointed if I did stop it. Yet, those same people don’t financially support the work they’d miss.

I spent years agonizing over this in earlier iterations of my content creation business and decided that I’d make content first for me. If I want to stop writing about notes, I’ll stop. I’ve stopped writing about running a freelance business and WordPress stuff in the past despite lots of people saying they loved my content and couldn’t wait to read what I had to say.

I think for the vast majority of content creators this is the answer. Create content you are interested in and want to create. If people support it…great. If you’re only doing it as a vehicle to make content creation a full-time job realize that very few people will every achieve this.

Get ready to follow the algorithms and think about SEO lots. You’ll spend a bunch of your time not creating the content you’re interested in as you chase those things.

So for me, if you like PKM Weekly or any of the other content I produce and want to see it continue, support it. Or be ready for a change when I’m bored of the topic and you can stay…or not.

I’ll keep writing and doing videos about what I find interesting.