I just read about this Canadian documentary that came out in 1992 on the lives of lesbians in Canada and now I want to own it. No I’m not a member of the LGBTQ+ community, which is exactly the reason I should spend more time understanding the community.

Unfortunately, the only way to purchase it currently is via Amazon Prime or Apple TV and for anything I spend money on I’d much rather own a physical copy that can’t be taken away from me easily.

With a digital copy the governement could take a radical turn, as we see in some communities in the US, and then mandate that this streaming service take the movie down. This removes it from the lives of the country, unless you own a copy. When you have to go to every house and check on the media in the home, it’s much harder to suppress ideas you don’t like.

Update 2023.08.22 0657 I found a way to watch it for free, or if you know how to download it and own a copy.