The more I think about people calling certain events/statements “political” the more I think that it’s only political when the statement/thing is something you don’t agree with. The very fact that you called something “political” is a political/moral statement.

When I see people talking about pushing a “political” agenda because of some rainbow themed clothing, they’re really saying that they shouldn’t have to see something they don’t like.

As for me, I think we should be loud about basic human rights. I think that one of my jobs as a cis-hetero middle-aged white dude is to use my ability to be considered normal to help be loud about the fundamental human rights of others.

I get so many things for free, like not being considered a shop lifter in a store, and I should use this privilege as much as possible to help all the other groups that don’t.

If you don’t like that…I don’t really want to hear about it. Read quietly and disagree or stop reading. Either way works for me.